Solution advantage
Based on the characteristics of C&I loads, Megarevo's solution can effectively solve the customer's transformer capacity limitation, high electricity charge and power cut-off problem. With 98.7% high efficiency conversion, it can help enterprises realize low-carbon sustainable development and shorten the return cycle of customers' investment at the same time;
Safe and reliable
Built-in complete safety protection function, including overcharge, overload, short circuit, etc.
Support manual disconnection of DC input and AC grid, and one-key emergency stop;
Efficient and stable
Wide DC input voltage range;
The efficiency is more than 98.7%;
MPPT accuracy tracking accuracy ≥ 99.9%;
Intelligent& Friendly
Wide temperature operation capability from -40°C to +60°C, altitude height ≥3000m the capacity will be derated;
AC/DC Dual redundant power supply for the control system.
Economical and durable
The design life of the scheme is more than 25 years;
Using a new generation of low-loss IGBT devices, the loss can be obviously reduced by 7.63% compared to FF1400R12IP4;
Guangzhou GAC C&I Energy Storage 1MW/2MWh
As a manufacturing enterprise, GAC New Energy's production energy cost accounts for more than 80% of the company's energy cost. In order to effectively control the energy cost, GAC has adopted a 1MW/2MWh energy storage system, which PCS has selected 2 pcs of MEGA0500 inverter and can help enterprises manage peak load intelligently, and reduce comprehensive energy consumption cost.
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